Back to Basics! Live Hospitality.


Along with most of our tourism/hospitality clients the last few years have for sure offered up challenges for the sector.  Now on the up, and with numbers reaching      pre-“c” levels,  Axis Marketing is ready.

Our sector, as shown during the recent Tourism Indaba held in Durban, is all about relationships and integrity.  Axis Marketing is proud to resonate with both these “catch-words”.


Relationship-strong, strong networks in the following sectors

Inbound Tour Operators are the “bread and butter” of any hospitality offering.  They are responsible for local and inbound travel bookings, and  provide our partners with FIT clients, group business as well as the much needed series bookings.

Retail Travel Agents or “High Street Travel Agents” form an important link between the traveller and the hospitality product.  Bringing travel options to the “man on the street”.  Providing an important service which is often overlooked.

Fondly known as OTA’s, this booking channel carries the volume.   Lower margins, a huge online presence and the capacity to be available day and night, makes this relatively new platform market strong.

Corporate offices have 2 paths to product, either directly via a procurement secretary or semi-directly via their own inhouse travel agency.

Meetings, incentives, conferences and exhibitions forms a part of tourism usually planned far in advance.  Due to the COVID-19 restrictions these events are now limited to numbers, social distancing and various sanatizing procedures.  


Our networking reach includes South Africa, Europe, United Kingdom and Scandinavia.  We pride ourselves on honesty and reliability.

Local Marketing and Sales

  • Sales support
  • Product/Contract negotiations
  • Tour and Travel Consultant Training
  • Webinars

International Marketing

  •  ITB, WTM Africa and London attendance * optional
  • Product specific email discussions
  • Brochure inclusion Negotiations

Digital and Design * optional

  • Newsletter & Newsbriefs Design
  • Product specific mailer Design
  • Special Distribution Requests
  • Logo reworking 

Reporting & Sales Support

  • Monthly reports ensure that you are always in the loop.  
  • Lead generation and guidance

Workshops and Events

  • Axis Workshops & Events
  • Exclusive Getaways Workshops
  • Networking functions

Social Media Support

  • Sharing of FB posts to AM page
  • Product specific FB posts
  • Sharing of special offers and deals



We are always available on email and whatsapp